Chair Fleet Program

Over the past few years, we have seen that funds have been cut for almost all dispatch centers, and that purchasing such 24/7 intensive use chairs has been harder with the budget cuts. The Chair Fleet Program is designed to help ease the cost of purchasing new chairs for a dispatch center. This is done by allowing the dispatch center to sign a multi-year contract (typically 3 or 5 years), in which they will make monthly, quarterly, or yearly payments for the use of these chairs. Essentially the dispatch centers are renting the chairs from Shelby Products, LLC, and when the contract is up, will be asked to renew, or return the chairs.

We have learned over the years, that with a smaller monthly payment, it is much easier on the dispatch center's budgets, then to pay for the entire cost of all chairs up front, when they are purchased. Once a contract is signed and in place, Shelby Products, LLC or a sales representative of Shelby Products, LLC will deliver the requested chairs to the specified location. Then on/around the anniversary date of the contract, new/refurbished chairs will be delivered to replace the current chairs that are in use, at the center. This can be done by a service technician physically coming to the center, and swapping out the chairs, or the new/refurbished chairs can be shipped to the center, and the center can box and return the old chairs back to Shelby Products, LLC. *(Swap option to be determined before contract is signed, some options might include additional charges.)

Each chair that has been used will return to our facilities, for inspection, replacement of parts, and cleaning. All parts that need replacing will be at our cost, and not the centers. *(Assuming normal wear and tear over time). If a service call is needed between the swap out dates, additional charges and fees may be incurred.

All chairs of the fleet program, are black cloth or black alterntive leather, and have the Dispatch Education, Inc.'s logo displayed on the chairs. Dispatch Education Inc. is a non-profit organization that was formed to help dispatchers all over the country. With each chair fleet contract that is signed, Shelby Products, LLC will make a donation to Dispatch Education, Inc. Funds for Dispatch Education, Inc. are used to help pay for training for 911 dispatchers all over the country, and for other just reasons seen by the members of Dispatch Education, Inc. to help keep our fellow citizens out of harm's way. Please see their website at for more information.

All chairs in the Chair Fleet Program are property of Shelby Products, LLC, and any dispatch center that does not return their chairs will be charged for the full price of each chair, no matter the length of the contract that has or has not been fulfilled.

Need additional information, or have questions? Please call and talk to a representative today.

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